Are You There?

by Someone's Imagination

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Recorded in the late 90s on a 4 channel porta studio.
Made using Cubase Audio XT 3.05, Goldstar GMK-49 Midi Keyboard, Roland U-110, Sound Blaster 16, Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-550, Digitech DSP 256 Multi Effects Processor, Korg 5 Guitar Performance Signal Processor, Phonic MRT70 Professional Audio Mixer, Tascam Porta One 4 channels Ministudio and an AV-Jefe DM-1900 Microphone.


released January 1, 2000

Written, produced & performed by Johan Åstrand.
Guitar on Time to Wake Up by Christian Älvestam.



all rights reserved


Someone's Imagination Sweden

Dreamy progressive alternative indie synth pop. Active since 1998.

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Track Name: At a Stage
Sat around the table made for anyone
raising glasses, chanting all the time,
meeting with the pleasant peace of mind
At a stage
something, a face
kept mumbling
Arguing that no one came around,
petrified as if tied to the ground

The same performance now and then and all the time,
boredom makes itself heard in my mind,
everyone feel sadness all around
At a stage
something, a face
keeps mumbling
Arguing when someone comes around,
petrified while causing these weird sounds
Track Name: Here
I took your advice
and left myself behind
Now I wait here, in my disguise
trying my best to hide
Alone in a crowd of lies

Here I stand
I'm feeling so confused
When all is empty what can be misused?
Will you come to me?
Will you comfort me?
Here I stand
I don't know what to do
when everything I once believed is due
Will you come to me?
Will you comfort me?
Will you let me be me?
Will you set me free,
let me sleep?

Here I stand
I'm feeling so confused
Why do I always have to lose?
What is wrong with me?
What is it I can't see?
Here I'm standing by this incomplete
rejected creature lying at my feet
Will you come for me?
Will you control me?
Will you lie to me?
Just to make me see

Here I stand
I'm feeling so confused,
when all is over and can't be reused
Who will come to me?
Who will comfort me?
Who will lie for me?
Who will make me see?
Track Name: What I Do
I'm throwing myself to the ground,
over and over and over again
You're telling me I'm too profound,
you tell me I'm never around
Question upon question I try
to give you the answers you like
Time after time when I die,
I do it just to please you
I don't like what I do

When something I've done isn't right,
when guilt is the feeling that I shouldn't hide,
I visit this place in my mind
where no one will ask why I lied
And everything that I might do
will never interfere with you
But the moment before I arrive
I do what's best to please you
but I don't like what I do
Track Name: Time to Wake Up
When the night so gently visits me
I want to be set free
and walk around inside its magic land
and try to understand
But when reality gets twisted by its spell
and turns into this hell,
where everything I see or hear or feel
is meant as an ordeal

I close my eyes
(It's time to wake up now
and make it all stop)

When I see that sad look on your face
it reminds me of this place
Where I end up no matter what I do,
it treats me oh so cruel
All the faces that I've ever seen
return to shape this dream
When they're reaching out to touch me with their hands
and say we should be friends

I close my eyes
(It's time to wake up now
and make it all stop)
Track Name: The Top of the Chair
When I sit home at night,
my red eyes reflecting my mind,
with all pictures flickering by on the T.V.
I still can't understand
what they're shouting about
And what's the point;
I'm still without

In my moments of doubt
when my slumber follows by cries
and I want to lie down and die by the T.V.
A memory from the past
recycles in my head;
to die is not a progress
Track Name: Release Me
There's a feeling controlling me;
I'm not where I'm supposed to be,
and out there somewhere
over the sea
a soul is hovering, anxiously

There's a silence within me;
overwhelming tranquillity,
cause out there somewhere
lonely but free
a soul is hovering, anxiously

And do you ever wonder
where I may be
and feel a sudden urge to
search for me?
I hope someday you'll find me
I know someday you'll come
to set me free
Release me

And do you ever wonder
where I may be
and feel a sudden urge to
search for me?
I hope someday you'll find me
I know someday you'll come
and set me free
Release me
Track Name: Why Don't I Sit There?
On narrow ways to strangenamed places
like a leaf blown away in the soft breeze,
I helplessly watch myself duplicate
On greenest grasscoloured field my paces
lead my mind where it will be pleased,
I will no longer hesitate

Look at me whirling away,
observing the weird images,
like an abyss of lost souls
My mind is in that delay,
oh how the feeling lingers
I have no control

I'm on the wrong side of this fence here,
there is no way around it
I can't believe I let you be my guide
I know I'm fooled now that I see clear,
the warning lamp is being lit
I squint and make me disappear

Look at me whirling away,
observing the weird images,
like an abyss of lost souls
I close my eyes and I pray
for something to make changes,
something to take away the holes

As I sit here
it confuses me;
Why don't I sit there?
Or nowhere?
Track Name: Time Alone
I'm too tired now to want to try
to imagine to believe in this lie
And I don't really want to matter no more
I don't even know how to be sure

There is no way to explain my thoughts
in a way that you won't try to ignore
Though all my reasons you always ask for more
There's no chance I can be the one you came here for

And so I spend my time alone
that way I've grown
And when I spend my time alone
I am my own

It's only when I'm deep within my mind
that I can be satisfied with what I find
Out in the open you always ask for more,
I must always do what you want me to and always adore
Track Name: Will Think
I think I'm someone's imagination
and someone is an imagination too,
trying to do
something so bizarre
everyone will think
he's crazy
Trying to do
something so freaked out
that no one will think
it's true

They're gone,
only a thought,
never mind

(Connecting on two,
when I don't want to)
Track Name: Behind
I can not help myself,
that's nothing that my soul denies,
for feeling out of range now,
can not be reached in so many tries

No matter you or I
We have to cry
We have to lie
We have to die
No matter you or I
we must be blind

You can not help yourself,
there's nothing that you can deny
Forgetting what it is now,
forgetting how

No matter you or I
We have to cry
We have to lie
We have to die
No matter you or I
we must be blind

We can not help ourselves,
that's nothing that our souls deny,
for being out of range now,
we can not be reached unless we die
Track Name: I Get By
"I'm sorry to disturb you
but could we spend some time
so I can put my burden on you
and get on with my life?
Just listen to my problems,
that's all I'm asking for
Please waste some of your precious time,
I don't ask for more"

"You always give me guidance
whenever I'm in doubt
so give the answers to me now,
how should I go about?
Just give me the solution,
that's all I'm asking for
Why don't you tell me what to do,
I've put my faith in you"

How can I tell you what went wrong?
I do not even know why you two don't get along
And I have my troubles of my own
I have my feelings on my own, inside
But I get by
I get by

"I need someone to talk to,
I need a helping hand
There's no one else that I can turn to,
I hope you understand
Don't just sit there silent
you must give me some advice,
I need a hint, a clue,
a way to cover up my lies"
Track Name: Every Single Word
I never understood
the reasons you gave;
When something turned out wrong,
you had the right to blame me for far too long
You pushed me down
and kept me there,
no matter how I gasped for air,
you were drowning me but you didn't care

I brainwashed myself
cause I thought it might help
to get me through and far away,
to the entrance of that happy day
But you pushed me down
and held me tight,
for you it must have been alright,
at least that's what you said each night

But every single word
is unimportant to me now,
where I am everything is fine
And every single thought
that might remind me of it now
will be ignored, it isn't mine

Every single word,
they make no difference to me now,
where I am is where I will stay
And every single try
to make me change my mind somehow
will be a waste so go away